Y Generation

The Y Axis/ Table is the last axis I need to finalize, the problem so far has been trying to decide which direction to follow, as a number of  different designs have been generated, as was the case for all the axis. The first table had 8mm rails, the second, a free standing modular version with 12mm x 300mm, which is a very solid /stable/reconfigurable design, but I also want to build  a 500mm version, easy enough to just swap out the rails and adjust a few things and be up and running the same day. I will at some point make a few other types one with aluminium profile, and another with perspex box, another with traditional rail supports mounted directly to the movable plinth, but I'm holding back on drilling any holes until things are finalized. The plinth the Y axis sits on will be lower than in these images, Y axis can be reconfigured to adjust height of heatbed, still waiting on a few extra parts, can't do much more one the heatbed until the aluminium plate arrives. the wait is not fun, but the build is.

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