Mechabits - New Machine First Prints

Ready for a White Christmas Second Test didnt go so well, the filament is nasty, had a similar roll once before... I might have to rethink the gift idea because of it. I wanted to print a few lithopanes but the little notebook wasnt having any of it, so had to hook up another machine, I think it's going to have ot be a really amazing image before I print a lithopane, I'd rather have a transparency on an LED panel, or tablet with multiple images. Eventually I decide to print a little artichoke pendant shade, just to see how it coped with the thin lines. But had all retraction off, from the litho settings, time to turn them back on again. getting first layer down this time wasnt so easy this stuff is like fudge.



Plastic Widgets, when a piece of plastic makes all the difference, when the only thing standing between having a functional prototype is a small custom plastic widget...
and when your done printing, the fun continues with assembly. A number of machine axis are coming together, but who knows what the final config will look like. Yesterday I counted 5, today another 5. (and a few more in  the next days)


A 4 ARC -A-I

MechaBits Minimal, Modular, Metal, Mobile, Morphing, Mutating Mini Monster - Manufacturing Machine.


Quick Quality Cheap Simple - Pick 4 or More!

Waiting for a few alternate 12mm block bearings for another printer, I couldnt help noticing the basis of another 3D Printer staring at me from the Box of MechaBits, Just one Printed Part on the X axis, with another for the Carriage to be done. So now the 12mm Rods I was going to use for another Printer, are now in use here, so need to order more to continue with other idea...but this idea actually finishes off the other idea :) I can use the Z Rods and table clamps for either project...and now I've found a neat solution to drive Z, I can use that idea on the other project also.