Plastic Widgets, when a piece of plastic makes all the difference, when the only thing standing between having a functional prototype is a small custom plastic widget...
and when your done printing, the fun continues with assembly. A number of machine axis are coming together, but who knows what the final config will look like. Yesterday I counted 5, today another 5. (and a few more in  the next days)


A 4 ARC -A-I

MechaBits Minimal, Modular, Metal, Mobile, Morphing, Mutating Mini Monster - Manufacturing Machine.


Quick Quality Cheap Simple - Pick 4 or More!

Waiting for a few alternate 12mm block bearings for another printer, I couldnt help noticing the basis of another 3D Printer staring at me from the Box of MechaBits, Just one Printed Part on the X axis, with another for the Carriage to be done. So now the 12mm Rods I was going to use for another Printer, are now in use here, so need to order more to continue with other idea...but this idea actually finishes off the other idea :) I can use the Z Rods and table clamps for either project...and now I've found a neat solution to drive Z, I can use that idea on the other project also.