Mini Mizer Arm 3030

Z 3030
After emerging from the Land of Z, I resume work on the Z Machines Core Components, The Obelisk is for the X idler, the other part is for my Z Base, which is a rework of one of my first 3D printed parts that has served me well (even though it was sliced wrong by FABLAB & a little weak So now I return to the design to simplify & make it stronger. 2 more and my Z is complete. I had 2 bearings without a use so decided to test out an alternative Z arrangement, I'm not so sure on the quality of these old bearings, and they are only 8mm. but now i've printed these, I will make a 12mm version and get some new flange bearings, also have some long bearing blocks which could bolt direct, but would look bad without a printed joiner or metal plate. Moore's Law, or the Law of Diminishing Returns, or Less is More, as I approach the end of a roll of filament Godel steps in, my parts get smaller, I get more of them, and the roll seems to take forever to use, as I have to design something small to try to get the last out if it, I have one part left at least but I have to figure out what I want, so days end up going by, while I figure out what I want. New Roll Loaded so bigger parts are back on the menu.
The Problem with trying to upgrade a machine when you need the machine working to make parts for the upgrades, disassembly can be tricky, easier to build a new machine. The New Machine is closer to the original CAD & Renders of the 2 year old Minimal Modular Design but with a few new components & layout. SO far I estimate about 300 grams of plastic, and the rest is all metal.

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