Closer Focus Anamorphic

Cinelux closest focus is apparently 3 meters, the smaller ultrastar is about 1.5m. I have two Cinelux anamorphics but one is set at infinity and needs to be fixed there, changing focus all the time is not ideal, so I thought I'd setup the other as a closer focus unit, so it's set at it's minimum(not sure if there was more turns available didnt want to break any glass). Using the cheap Tamron 77mm close-up 0.5 diopter get's a more usable range. I found a smaller stronger close up lens and fitted that on the Ultrastar so with that I can closer again, about 0.75m-1m. Using the SpeedBooster with the 50mm 1.4 makes little sense as I have to use the digital zoom to avoid vigneting, and although you still get the light advantage and altered character(perhaps a little softer), auto focus is out too, so makes more sense to use a dumb mount for sharper image, though will use it with the OM 75-150 and a few other lenses.



Also needed another mount for the IPIX lens

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