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Start any new project and a stream of new possibilities is created, which streams lead to Black Holes, and which to the very birth of creation. Ideas Assimilated from a web of data...
Core XY is one way to go, helps keep the arm from swinging, though I want to try another way, maybe more belts & double pulleys, or the Ultimaker type belt routing with 8mm drive shafts. Larger Z rods needed, keeping X & Y motion seperate for now, might need to reduce weight on X & triangulate the bearings, lets see how that pans out. Build plate needs completing, as with all of the designs the bed seems to be the trickiest to sort out, still searching for the ideal modular bed. ...later that evening the ideal minimal bed arrangement revealed itself, a few items lying around that I knew I would use one day suddenly became useful, a spare 3030 section, a linear rail, a hard drive caddy, glass plate, belt, motor & 2 printed parts I had the bed functioning almost complete. A fev less components than previous bed arrangement.

Also started on a simpler X arm with 6mm rods salvaged from a photocopier, the seem as stiff as the 8mm rods, so for a short lightweight arm they seem perfect, will cost me 50p in plastic to find out, though will probable beef up the carriage to add extra bearings.

The new smaller simpler printer will look like this, still not decided if I will add 12mm rails, maybe slim down the leadscrew support and add a few more elements,

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