Shrouded in Mystery

Printing new parts for new arm, one of which was a 40mm fan shroud, but the gremlins where messing with the hotend temp and it wasn't keeping temp' thought I might have bunged it up in the process, so had to dismantle to investigate, this was the perfect time to attach the new arm and test it out, so on it went, checked all the wires to hotend dismantled and reassembled. Time to solve the mystery oof the non printing fan shroud..tempted to just print a test cube, I decided to skip that as first print on new arm, and go straight to the turin shroud...a trick object as it has quite thin walls thinner than Ive tried before, no layer fan on at the moment, so interesting to see what happens.

While adding the new arm I also dropped the bed height, the laser was used to align things, the last one failed and aligning without it a real pain, the new arm has more clearance too, so I gained about 200mm on my Z, the first setup was not ideal, but at first all I wanted was low parts. So hotend held temp, speed was up, & print completed in 1hr 30min, here are the results, the need for a direct or more precise filament feeder is something for the future, though for a first print with new setup, the shroud came out fine, cant wait to add it...but its designed for the V6 hotend not the V5 so will be leaving that for another day. why the hotend wasnt holding temp will remain a mystery. 

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