Brexit Means Less Carrots & a Bigger Stick

The Effects of Brexit can be felt even before we leave, 10% hike straight off the bat on most things, Who are these idiots that compile RPI & CPI Stats, obviously they LIE. Grrr Filament Doubled in Price, if people only realized Stop Buying things & watch the Price Fall, Take your Money out of the Banks, and watch the Interest Rates Rise to Lure you Back! Take Control Build your Own Stuff!

After testing some cheap Black PLA, I think it might be time to find something better, So the search is on for some nice Matte Black Material. Or spend time on some finishing work. 

I was about to print a spool bobbin, that I could use for different diam' but the roll sits fine on the 35mm poles, lucky I didnt bother because it wouldnt have fitted the hole in the roll of grey I have, so In an effort to remove effort in 3D Printing the obligatory filament(so exciting) guide has just come off the production line, designed to go in the end of the 35mm tubes, it came out fine, would prefer with less shine...
Now time to print some bigger parts... Well Not Much Bigger... Decided to reprint the V6 for the V5 hotend thats on the Printer, why change it, a black one from USA would be nice, though the Silver should look cool under the Blue neon fans, if only I hadnt boxed it in at the front(the V6 one is now bare & open as I needed the fans from it), though you can lift the bonnet. The V5 one came out Perfect, I only hope it works as envisaged, though there are a few tweeks I could improve with, things are really close, I should have a slightly shorter skirt/shield, and maybe a wider part cooling duct,(testing out an idea there, but these latest parts where all completed without part cooling) though i'll be testing out a longer 40mm barrel if I need to drop the nozzle a smidgen, but a little worried it has no heatbreak, but I will be adding 6mm steel nuts in strategic places like the one currently running. it would be interesting in clear or translucent material, but could look even cheaper than shiny black PLA.
You wouldnt believe the amount of times I've approached this cube hotend holder, starting with a one piece solution then splitting it up, to try out different orientation for parts, disassembly, mounting ease etc, all considerations, but each time you approach it you end-up with something different but always lacking in something...I printed the multipart version above then decided to try it again in one part, and while it came out great I'm already considering another with a few more features i'd like to include. Though I think i'll hold back until the blue fans arrive. I have recessed them a little, the sides are for the part cooling and the front for the hotend...though when the sides come on i'll have to see if a Hotend can be cooled a little too much...I wanted the fans to illuminate the work but I'll have to wait to see how they look when instlled as the I think the clear/translucent plastic might look a little cheap & nasty compared to a black framed fan, so may keep black on the front.

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