The Ends 2 The Means of Production

The Solipsistic Somnambulist Sleep Walks into a Future of his own making,

A Factory in a small room, without the rates & rents of a Co-Working Space, lean & agile & living on lazer beans and high sugar diet, Without the Benefits of #AI the sedentary sentinel sits alone instructing the computer to make the right moves & build the future, a future, any future without the influence of the ghoolish overlords that want to enslave us but fail to recognize the true Value of Humans. Talk of the 4th industrial revolution is nothing compared to the issue of gentrification & the Big squeeze from self-replicating Social Engineering Bureaucracies #DIEM25. The real Revolution is coming and it can't happen soon enough. Trying to push things forward while bailing out the banks is a little tricky but its not hard to be smarter than & banker, so I Decided to bolt a few bits together in an effort to tidy things up a little(minds included), kinda pointless when bits are lying around without a use or a home. Which pretty much sums up the situation created by UK Government Bureaucracy that is pushing people around the chessboard of properties, Towns & Cities, Housing Associations, Advice Agencies, SAY NO TO SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Your Job is NEXT & then your Home.

....rant over So the H Screw Rail, has been used for the Z, unfortunately the hotend holder/carriage is probably not ideal for supporting an arm, but decided to use some L plates to see if that could help without changing carriage, if I had a 16mm stud on end of arm I could fit it in the rod holder, and maybe use the other screw holes for some bracing(or a scissor action type arm/hotend?. Maybe Z might work better if it was spun 180. Depends how I decide to add arm, one of the other printers doesnt look too happy as I eye him up for body parts,(light 20202 arm) . Would like to mod the Bed part as there's plenty to improve on, the old cd caddy things just about do the job but dont make for tidy looking machine need to swap it for the openbuilds plate & improve the belt path, that would tidy it up a lot, Would like the XY table to be a working reality at some point, but then a much beefier Z would be needed, have to find a good use for the 2 rail slide, unless i can find another of similar quality/setup the XY wont be strong enough for a little light milling. I think its time to start hand crafting some basic alu parts. Free standing on its own foot, but needs a wider base to be bolted too have part of a TV bracket which works but is a little flexing, though with foot bolted to it it becomes less so, but would rather have some monolithic slab of granite. A few adjustments to the other printer in order to bring it closer to what I had in mind when making it, removed the first bed & replaced with newer version, regretting not getting black anodized 3030 extrusion. Enhanced the support frame, to open things up & allow better support & adjustment for Z-Axis, the possibility to add a router on another Z actuator, hmm might just be able to swap out the bed on occasion for and XY table, also provides a another position for a roll of filament much tidier, now if I could just get a nice slab of granite and make a custom base I'll regain 50mm of Z(though with an embedded linear guide & Motors i'd regain about 75mm). If I want to complete the Cube with the 35mm Poles i'll probably need to go with Carbon Fiber as they are easier to source than these Black Aluminium ones.
So after tidying the workspace & machines, I struck lucky with some 35mm black tubing, just enough to finish the cube frame, with 3 sides done and the stiffness thats already there, I just had to go the extra mile, to see where it leads, 5x500mm and one 1000mm which will be great for the back top beam, would hold at least 4 rolls. At the moment its really just a frame that the printer sits in, with a custom printer base it doesnt need to be there, so is for other uses. So future paths wil be to make various attachment options for the various printers / axis mechanisms, a strong base to work on. So many options to try out, I've discovered a way to use some 35mm to 8mm alu cylenders, they could hold a single rail which I might use on the free edge of print arm. I want to try out a beam on the top of cube in the middle to hold either other printer ZX mechanism, or a heavier router, or the twin rail unit. Or simply as the frame for heated chamber. Though the only problem with the Round tube frame is its rather tricky to add to without the expensive metal clamps. Aluminium profile is far more versatile, though the cost of T-nuts & angle brackets can add up too, either way it's MechaBits that will last a lifetime. Also Playing with a new design for Hotend / Carriage a little tongue in cheek and way too much material but might be able to reduce that with a little more work, maybe split into 3 or 4 parts for best orientation. Should match up the styling with the rest of the Printer a nod to the roots of it...
Might Start a Craze for Camera Replica's? Maybe I'll do a RED Scarlet?

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