Light WORX - illuminati

Light Bar installed, where are my shades...now when the machine is printing it's a little like a Xerox Machine, Light Spilling over the bed every so often. So what to print next, parts for the other machines. Finally I have a minimal bed arrangement I'm happy with, upgraded the 3030 bed axis, as it had a black motor mount, but a grey idler which was also warped, it also had a flimsy carriage made from some CD Caddy thing it had to go, replaced by the openbuilds plate, so then I needed a new Belt Clip/Drive Block,some black 3030 end caps, and a Black idler. I slightly altered previous design, adding a second wall to help hold the screw/shaft, and to stop any movement/stress to the part, it's now firmly flush with the 3030 and isnt going to tilt or move under load.
You know when your going to have an easy time & a great print when it starts off like this...

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