A-Z & Back Again

The Modular Madness continues, waiting for parts continues, 3D printing continues to help bring new ideas to life, Modular bed one needs no further mech work, but I do need to add the MKS Relay/SSR to the frame somewhere so I printed a few things to help with that some stand offs & a 40mm fan mount, I think it might not be needed and if not i'd rather have the red fins nice & visible, but the fan hides all that, will post pics soon, the fan mount is like the bottom half of a pyramid, and the thought has crossed my mind to add an led fan & print a pyramid top duct for fun and make it into an Illuminati monument, things things where just bed fillers for the real part I needed the Z Lift/TR8 nut trap. Larger than all versions to date, as I needed this actuator to be able to handle a mini router. Maybe it'll cope maybe it wont, seems ok, not decided what spindle or if i'll make one with a few parts & stepper motor. Though as usual this Z Mech was designed with more than one use in mind, ie a Z plunger(which will actually be lateral so as chips dont fall on thread or the other X/Y axis(which I want to mount vertical), but I can also use it for a Z lift for the small Quick release Arm. I previously had longer rods in it but realized I wont be needing the height & making it shorter would make it stiffer, so the long rods where donated to the new bed, and the shorter rods from the bed added to this mechanism.

There are another few things i could do to mount & brace it, & I could possibly go a little shorter on the stroke making it more compact. I have some workpiece hold down T-Track coming on the slow boat, and some nice black metal work-piece clamps for the T-track, hopefully I can get carving in the New Year. Another milling surface/workpiece holder is also in design. I need to source a nice flight case for the thing. 

I'm also mulling over the X/Y bed arrangement seeing if I can shave its size down, currently it has a 400mm 3030 profile as a base from one axis with one linear rail in the same arrangement I have on the modular 3030 bed, but I have some short 200mm pieces i could swap over, as this XY will be vertical I also need to think about changing the belt drive for leadscrews or ballscrews. 

I have two different twin linear guide setups, one more heavy duty than the other, so it makes sense to try to use it, combined with the other single rail 3030 setup as they interlock, due to the carriage having a slot exactly 30mm for the profile to click into. Pics of this have already been uploaded in previous posts.
More pics to follow... 

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