Lost in TranZlation 改善

Prototypes that look like Prototypes or Prototypes that look like Products...
Could you see the Wood for the Trees
Where you Perplexed by the use of Perspex
Puzzled at the crazy use of pulleys,
Bamboozled by the Big Black Tube Frame,
Dazzled by the Bright Lights?

When building the design certain compromises had to be made, Printed or Perspex Parts where never in the initial design, but when you dont have the machines to make the parts you want, you have to make do...

Time has worn away at the rough beast Prototype to reveal the basic minimal design form I was seeking, high end hi-fi custom machining, balance & equilibrium, some yin & yang or Kaizen


The first printer designed had the four 8mm rods for the Z,
Z was the First axis to explore, one strong column instead of 2
seemed the most desirable & easiest path.

Useful for either Resin Printer or FDM Printer so a no brainer.
As much as I would have like all axis the same, it makes no sense,
even keeping just 2 8mm rails for the X Arm has been superseded by other components,
8mm replaced by 12mm's or linear rails, Over 11 different modular arms have been built, ranging in length & weight, each with different custom parts, some arm's can be used as the bed actuator.

So far there is also 5 different bed arrangements. It's hard to pick favorites, and also getting harder to refine. Slowly the Perspex was replaced, the Printed Parts kept to a minimum, I could leave things as they are or try to replace the last plastic parts, Five Unique CNC Parts would be needed to finish things off, with the possibility to reduce that even further. TBC...

Time to tidy some wires.

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