Bits & BOB's - Blue BOB Box

A little enclosure for a CNC BreakoutBoard, not sure if i'll use this BOB or another that's just arrived, but as these BOB's are very cheap why not try a couple, need at least 2 one for Lathe another for Mill, there's a few video's about with people using them but they dont fill me with any confidence of a smooth hassle free Journey, another solution might have to be found. I have my eye's on the Acorn/Centroid Board if nothing better surfaces, will have to see how I get on with Mach3 or LinuxCNC?

A few other Bits & Bobs, These BOB's probably dont need a fan, but better to have the option to save on material for the box, I should have sanded it to make it look a little better but you know how it is when you eager to test for fit, it came out ok but would make a few minor changes if I printed again, reduce material more, and a little more wiggle room, and a higher base to meet lid as I have a 4mm gap that needs filling aside from that a handy case, now I wonder will i ever need the second BOB? or get something better.

I bought two wide rails for use on a Lathe Cross-Slide build, but will need some metal parts creating to use properly, but in the meantime I'm playing with some configurations, I decided to make a very small XY Device, Now it could be one of the smallest lather ever made? Just needs a Spindle...but I have a few more configs to test out, if I use this vertically I have Z/X for a pocket printer, it's very strong & stable...

This was never the plan, but now it's here why not try to complete it and see if it's upto the job. The plan was for a small lathe but not a pocket one, this was supposed to be just the assembly for the Cross-Slide using both of these short rails, it still may end up like that, but I've decided I need a longer tool changing cross-slide, so if this little machine can be finished & put to use long before the larger lathe is built. As always I want to keep it all modular, and when the 16mm rails arrive i'll bolt it onto them, if they arent upto the job, it will go on some larger linear rails. I need a good XY table, ideally reversible X/Y or Y/X buy swapping top & bottom modules, depending on how it's needed for Lathe or Mill. 4th Axis or Trunion would be the next parts to be made/sourced.

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