Shrouded in Mystery

Printing new parts for new arm, one of which was a 40mm fan shroud, but the gremlins where messing with the hotend temp and it wasn't keeping temp' thought I might have bunged it up in the process, so had to dismantle to investigate, this was the perfect time to attach the new arm and test it out, so on it went, checked all the wires to hotend dismantled and reassembled. Time to solve the mystery oof the non printing fan shroud..tempted to just print a test cube, I decided to skip that as first print on new arm, and go straight to the turin shroud...a trick object as it has quite thin walls thinner than Ive tried before, no layer fan on at the moment, so interesting to see what happens.


Core Cube - BorgBoxBot

Start any new project and a stream of new possibilities is created, which streams lead to Black Holes, and which to the very birth of creation. Ideas Assimilated from a web of data...


BabySteps in BabyBlue

Matter Controls new BabyStepping feature is a great reason not to print from SD anymore!


Mechabits - Minimal Modular Machine Mod's

Stay Tuned for more info coming soon, if I only enjoyed writing as much as designing & building. If your interested in reading about the Mechabits 3D Printers, or supporting the product push, drop us a line or join mailing list.


Time for a little Direct Action

While direct drive might be the most responsive way to go, it's not the neatest solution, so to start with I will be using the filament drive off the axis, looking into having it located above the X axis on another rail so it can move with the head, but if I get no problems with fixed bowden drive, i'll stick with that until a smaller direct drive unit can be found.